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Creating LATTORI we were thinking about you. About your mood. About your dreams. About the story you would like to tell. It's very important for us to know you feel inspired, happy and loved while wearing our dresses. The emotions, which help us to create them.

Every LATTORI dress is something special and unique. And we want it to become the same for you. That is the reason why we are so fastidious using the best Italian fabrics, thorough craftsmanship and testing every detail from the entire concept to the tiniest element. It makes our dresses inimitable, catchy and highlighting the personality. In every situation.

Few words from a woman who adores dresses:

I have been charmed with the dresses since the early childhood. This is the whole world for me. Every dress I own is a special story, mood and flashback. I cherish all of them, each of them.

There is nothing more visually expressive than a perfectly designed dress silhouette, and a dress isn’t the exceptional thing for some festive occasions or going out. I used to like wearing them every day and everywhere. But frankly speaking, I haven't had enough time to search for something particular in hundreds of stores and finding the "perfect" dress has always been a real challenge for me.

I have always dreamt to have the only place where I could buy the dress I wanted exactly at that moment. The dress that was up to my taste, budget and mood.

And also I have always wanted to share my love to dresses with other people. So the idea of LATTORI was born.

Here at LATTORI we like wearing our dresses and it's very important. Such approach helps us creating dresses with great fit and style. We never look for compromises and use the best Italian fabrics and create very limited collections.


Julia Savenkova, co-founder and creative director

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