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Little white dress: fashionable as never before

Surely, nobody abolished the short black dress. But it is the short white dress that looks much better on the tanned skin. Slim fit, straight cut, New Look style – no matter what your white dress is, it will definitely make you stand out from the ‘total black’ crowd.

We decided to test this theory of differentiation on Victoria’s Secret Angels who enjoy wearing the little white dress on any occasion, thus turning the little white dress into a trend.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie aptly combines the New Look dress with white court shoes, and at the same time, does not get fixated on accessories. Since the whole emphasis was placed on an innocent angelic image, no accessories were needed anyway. Let’s take a note of it!


A New Look dress from Lattori

We suggest you take the cue from Rosie and supplement your wardrobe with a New Look white dress from Lattori. It does not just ideally underlines your body shape but will always be an indicator of your style. For the combination of an ideal color plus (+) eternally fashionable style equals to (=) favorite dress.



Alessandra Ambrósio

One would think that this Brazilian supermodel with chocolate hair and eyes of the same color should have considered red lipstick and the same-color dress or if not red, then definitely black. But Alessandra shows ‘tour de force’ of style which Victoria’s Secret Angels follow: white is your true friend. What we learn from Alessandra is this: it would’ve been cool to ‘dilute’ the little white dress with additional colors, and the color of champagne and one of the 50 shades of grey should definitely be among them.


Bizet with champagne from Lattori

Having combined that very, presently-so-popular white color with one of the 50 shades of grey and added a bit of champagne shade, we’ve got a tender dress that perfectly fits the cocktail dress code and will become your best friend at a restaurant dinner. Learn more about it here and recall what love at first sight is.


Lily Aldridge

Looking at Lily Aldridge, you see just another proof of how terrific the white dress looks on tanned skin. What drives us in Lily’s image most is that her short white dress has sleeves and neck, and therefore, her sexiness is accentuated not by décolleté but by the dress’s length. This solution seems ideal, for sometimes it’s nice to hide oneself behind cute dress sleeves.


Short white sleeve dress from Lattori

We took an ideal color, threw in a sleek style which kind of fits like a mini skirt but at the same time underlines the overall ‘hourglass’ body shape, and got a short white sleeve dress we’re so crazy about. You can also fall in love with it after seeing all the tiniest details here.


A few words about the trend: white has long ceased to be a wedding dress color only. Our main requirement to the white dress is to be laconic. Single tone allows it to play with the dress’s silhouette, and in turn, silhouette helps hide flaws and emphasize your best features. What else do you need to be a happy woman?

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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