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Fashion must-have: 5 indispensable details of your summer look

Summer fashion often rejects oversize which came to us together with street style photographs. You can’t wear trendy sneakers in the summer, because the sun won’t let you. However, there is a couple of details you simply can’t do without this summer! Does your wardrobe have them?


  1. Dress with revealing neckline

Fashion likes playing explicitness with us. While back in the spring we were talking about semitransparent pastel dresses, now you’d be better off donning a one-color look. Place an emphasis on short length and sexy neckline. Let the dress’s texture not attract attention as much as its cut does. After all, sexiness means exquisite and at the same time simple! As one, two, three.


  1. Color print

We love summer season for the abundance of blossoming plants. First peonies, then huge hydrangeas. And of course, you’d want to save this tender image of flowers in yourself. The surest way to do it is to wear a dress with color print. It would look so in place and so summer-like that the floristic print deserves a proper place among our five ‘must-haves’ of this summer.


  1. New Look style

We love New Look for the way it accentuates the shape of the woman’s body, turning it into the perfect shape of the hourglass. New Look may be achieved by any colors and textures, because the most important element in it is the style. So, let’s focus on the length not below the knees, for it’s summer out there!


  1. Studded shoes

An excellent choice for fast, rhythmic life. These shoes would go equally well with a long dress and a mini. You can also wear them easily with jeans! The only thing you should remember, though, that jeans is the enemy of feminineness. Stick to dresses – they make any woman a queen. And these, slightly aggressive shoes will nicely complement your look.


  1. Bright manicure

Let it be a vivid complement to your shoes but contrast with your ideal dress and mini-clutch. Don’t be afraid to look mottled this summer! Try yourself in different roles. And don’t forget that bright manicure have long ceased to be a taboo and is now a rule for all popular street-style images.


Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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