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Combining impossible leaving: work and private life

Modern life and emancipation. Women play leading roles in development of different industries, hold key positions and think over the question, if it is possible to combine work and private life. We are sure that it is not so difficult to maintain the balance, the main thing is to work systematically and to refine yourself!


Rule #1. About time management

Time management. It helps us to regulate exact time invested by us to family and private life, and also to work moments. We suggest that you sit down at breakfast and spell out in your dayplanner, how much time you are planning to spend for work, and how much time you will leave for your private life.

You know that it is impossible to work constantly such as to have a rest and joy all time. When you will master this method, advise it your friends! Almost everybody faces the problems of time planning.


Rule #2. About deadlines

Deadline. When in business world you have to meet a project or task schedule, you can take it on board. We do all in the last moment very often. However, if you manage to carry out the task in advance, you will have opportunity to spend the rest of timing with your family or significant other.

Remember that deadlines are created for you to regulate amount of time necessary for you to solve one or another task. Use the “earlier did – earlier free” rule in order not to expend energy to odd doubts and to learn doing all at once.


Rule #3. About horse in collective farm

Motivation. Many of us suffer from lack of motivation that will make us not to devote all their forces to work, but also to find a little bit time for beloved you. Think about the fact that nothing is eternal and remember the phrase: “The horse ploughed most of all in the collective farm, but it did not become the chairman of the collective farm”.

Diligence in performance of work is good, but if it is not appreciated by anybody, maybe it is better to direct this diligence to you? It is better to devote time to you and your private life. Nobody will do for you so much as you yourself.


Rule #4. To seem and not to be

Continuing the previous story, we want to say that they like diligent girls very much. However, you can look like accommodating and clever girl and to think about something absolutely another at the same time, can’t you? For example, how rousingly you will spend this evening.

Pretence is not bad. Manipulate the wider public’s opinion about you. Let them consider you the most valuable and responsible employee, don’t give them causes to doubt, but at the same time think, how and where you will arrange your private life today.


Rule #5. Leave the dirt beyond the step

It is very important to be able to skip. In the office you don’t speak about your private life (because in women collective there are so many gossipers), and in relationships with men try not to speak about your work. In fact it is possible to distinguish work and private life, if you will accustom yourself to it constantly and to keep in mind that work keeps busy everybody: you and your man.  

Private life was created in order to skip from workplace, where we spend the biggest part of our life. Of course, this rule works only if you are not business partners and you have enough moderation to stay good colleagues and passionate lovers, which is really the hellish toil and ideal compatibility.

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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