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7 ideas of romantic curls from the models

Summer is the season of uncomplicated sets and natural beauty. The trends in hairstyles followed by the models, who bring us new trends from the world podium, are of interest for us. Here is what we have found:  these 7 models chosen by us are connected by love to wavy hair. However, each of them prefers to wear this hair in her own way.


  1. Giselle Bundchen

It seems that Giselle almost never leaves her hair.

How this set is done: damp hair was divided into locks, twisted into binders and then they dried each twisted lock with blow dryer. In such way you will get careless vertical curls like Giselle’s ones.


  1. Doutzen Kroes

One more magnificent blonde model also betakes use of curls. However, Doutz can be seen with scraped back hair more often. This summer her stylists did not revise the customary style: they made gathers of locks on back of her head, and their ropes were riled up with brushing (each lock was twisted on thin round comb and dried with blow dryer). This technique is the most popular one in this season. It is worth knowing to own cost.


  1. Gigi Hadid

Beauty Gigi somewhat hints us: “It does not matter, that your deep roots are a tint darker than the main color of your hair. The main things are highlighting and light curls!”. In fact such curls can be achieved with the help of hair iron and mousse. As you see, hair does not look “free”, it means that rather much hair putty and hair fixing product was put on it.


  1. Kendall Jenner

Let’s come over to the brunettes! Kendall’s stylist and hairdresser was guided in this hair-do with the fact that in average days we can see the model with ideally straight hair that sometimes can be scraped back into a ponytail. And only once in a way, for instance, this summer we can admire the soft waive made with the help of curler. One can come over from natural hair-do to reliably fixed set from time to time, isn’t she?


  1. Lara Stone

In average days Lara Stone also prefers to scrape her hair back like ballet-dancers. But here on one event in hot period we see her straightened hair with volume near roots, twisted from her face on big round comb easily. As brushing provides twisting of locks from the end of the lock, taking into account the thinned out ends, such curls shall be fixed by hair spray in order to outlast. Admit that such hair-do with side part looks very sexually.


  1. Candice Swanepoel

Romantic curls are the inevitable hair-do of all angels of Victoria Secret. And in this example we see Candice’s curls fashioned with the help of the curler. Due to the fact that they are made in direction from her face, they seem open, and its right geometry is emphasized by waives on the level of the cheek-bones.


  1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of few models, about whom we can say “spick-and-span”. We will never see her in oversize clothes that stay to be popular one. Miranda follows the same rule in her hair-do: her hair always looks somewhat curly.  We like such image: side part, one of curls is always thrown off her face and big curls that seems to be a little bit blown around after roaring night.


Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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