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Here there are 5 ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle

All of us know full well that the health is invaluable. Because of this it is necessary to behave toward yourself with the special love and not just to nurse your body, but rather to temper, to accustom it to the good, to refine yourself constantly. Yes, it is not easy, but that’s worth the effort.

  1. Nutrition

Healthy lifestyle starts with the right nutrition. The first rule is to exclude any semi-finished products. The second rule is to eat more vegetables, fruit and nuts. The third rule is discipline. Try not to eat after seven o’clock p.m. within one week. When the mentioned term expires, your hair and skin will say “thank you”.

The moral is that the breakfast is the most important part of our ration. Emphasize it.


  1. Trainings

We know how difficult to start it is. Before going to the sports hall you take great pains constantly, you can’t make choice to go there or you can’t find time for this. However, exactly the trainings make your muscles strong and make you sturdier. Choose what more after your own heart is: if you are inspired by yoga, exercise it outdoors. If you like to play tennis, kick the balls about the court. However, don’t forget about the initial warm up!

The moral is that sport is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends actively. Joint tennis sets or yoga exercises give pleasure!


  1. Marathon

We emphasize marathon as the separate way of body training as the marathons arranged by the activists lately have greater goal than just to accomplish a big distance. Marathons have a deep goal of charity.

The moral is that you not just run with other people, but also help those, who need it. Here you are with sound mind and sound body.


  1. Sense of humor

Many psychologists convince us that it is necessary to laugh more. Have you ever thought, why it is so important for us? If you learn treat everything with self-irony, it will be easier for you to perceive some your own faults. You will set it to the “experience” column and will not be distressed because of the fact that you went wrong doing something.

The moral is that a smile is the first step to fortifying of your sound mind.


  1. Positive attitude

When you adjust your body, you must not ignore your spiritual health. It is important to be able to support yourself in all difficult situations and points at issue. You will require the special attitude, strong motivation, good mood for further movement according to the intended road map. Don’t reprove yourself, don’t offend your inner self. You will manage to do everything, don’t doubt!

The moral is that for creation of personal growth strategy and maximal development you will have to provide yourself with positive attitude!

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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