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5 life hacks in manicure

Do you agree that manicure tells much more about you than any other detail of your appearance? If so, then you simply must get to know life hacks in manicure. If not, you should read a couple of articles or books on psychology whose authors insist that our manicure, makeup, perfumes and overall appearance do speak for us. It means just one thing: we always have to stay on our toes. So, let’s get back to our life hacks.


  1. Intensity

Do you know what’s the difference between pastel manicure and manicure in pastel tones?  Just the number of nail polish layers. The more layers you apply, the more intense the manicure color will be. Apply only one layer, and you’ll get a pastel tone. Generally speaking, pastel manicure likes when a color shade is applied onto white base coat. Do some experiments!


  1. Storage

As any other product, nail polish has certain shelf life. If you ever noted, any polish becomes thicker in consistence over time and impossible to apply evenly onto the nail. To avoid that, keep you nail polish in refrigerator. No, it’s not a joke but a time-tested life hack!


  1. Protection

You surely know how unpleasant it feels when right after you applied your nail polish some hair has stuck to it! To avoid this unpleasant situation, all you have to do is to put a drop of cuticle oil onto fresh manicure. The best way is to drop the oil in the middle of the nail. Don’t wait until the polish dries up. Cuticle oil will become an additional fixer for your manicure.


  1. Safety

One of the ways of showing care of your nails is to choose safe polish. What does safe nail polish mean? It’s a polish that contains no harmful substances. But if the problem has already occurred, there are ways of restoring the health of your mails. Soaking, creams and oils are your true helpers in taking good care of your nails.


  1. Fixing

Always remember: after your manicure has dried up, apply a fixer. It will prevent chipping the next day. Also, try to do any housework wearing gloves. Make sure to protect not only your manicure but also your nails. And to make your manicure last long and look fresh, all you need is a fixing coat.

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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