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5 ways of waking up easily in the morning

If it occurs to you every day that waking up in the morning is not an easy thing to do, it’s just the right time to change something in your life. Are you ready for positive changes? Let’s go, then!


  1. Alarm clock

The first thing we hear in the morning is the sound of alarm clock. It is its persistence and annoyance that shapes up our mood when we wake up. We recommend that you find a program which would control your sleep and set the alarm clock off at the very moment your sleep cycle ends. Surely, this moment will coincide with the time when you need to wake up. In general, if the ordinary alarm clock irritates you and doesn’t let you wake up happy, install a latest app in your smartphone. It will help you stay vigorous and in good mood from the very moment you woke up.

  1. Setting goals

If you don’t want to wake up, it means you need motivation to help you get up and go about your business from the very morning. If you’ll set yourself a clear goal, waking up will become much easier. Your goal should be something pleasant: tasty breakfast, morning shower (although there is a common perception that morning shower is what women don’t like the most, you should try it and dispel the stereotype).

  1. Water with lemon

Many celebrities recommend to begin the day with a glass of water with lemon. Vitamins А and С and calcium contained in lemon will surely keep you in good mood during the day and make your body wake up faster. This method is very efficient when you’re waking up and then wandering around your apartment for another half an hour just to get your thoughts together.


  1. Bedroom

My home is my castle. We agree with this popular saying, and believe that our favorite room – bedroom – is what makes the stay at home pleasant. Design it to your tastes. Ask a designer for an advice. Do everything possible to make sure that you can take a good rest and relax in this room. A bedroom inviting to rest will make waking up in the morning an enjoyable experience.

  1. Be systematic

Ladies seldom adhere to some particular system, but that’s the method that helps you wake up in the morning easily and with pleasure. What we mean is this: teach your body to go to sleep and wake up at the same hours every day. Then you won’t have problems with waking up in the morning. A trained body better takes in your commands.

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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