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What your favorite coffee can tell about your traits.

How often do you drink coffee? In the morning before leaving for work; in the evening, before taking shower and going to be bed. We often ‘go overboard’ with how much caffeine we take. But even among the countless coffee beverages, we always have that one we favor the most. Want to know what your favorite coffee can tell about your traits? Read on.



Stubborn and persistent conservatives prefer this particular strong coffee beverage. Realists and pragmatists: that’s exactly what espresso lovers look like. They are not afraid of life’s difficulties, follows only their own principles in everything and in any situation rely solely on themselves. Ladies who drink espresso prefer business-style clothes. In one word die-hards.



Americano is also what realists like, but since Americano is a watered-down espresso, Americano lovers differ from espresso fans by being softer, more humane. If you like Americano, then you should know how it feels when luck is often on your side. You work for the end result and always get it. In regular life, you prefer exquisiteness and chic. Taking the most out of life is what your principle is about.



Latte is the favorite beverage of those who like performing in public: actors, speakers, creative personalities. If you are a latte fan, you must be the one who easily befriends new people and becomes the soul of the party, and no words can describe what popularity you must be enjoying among the opposite gender. Society, parties and friends are the three whales on which the life of latte lovers rests.



Strange as it might seem, but cappuccino is ranked second on the list of the most popular coffee beverages. Cappuccino lovers are the sort of romanticists and dreamers. These people think in images, and often let their emotions guide them when making decisions. They are naïve and at the same time overly demanding to themselves and the others. And also, cappuccino lovers may surely be called craving for sweets!


Irish latte

Irish latte is especially popular in summertime: a coffee beverage on the one hand but refreshing on the other. Its secret lies in a scoop of ice-cream of your choice melting down in the coffee and making it cold. It is a favorite beverage of very energetic people. To cool themselves down, they choose Irish latte. If you’re one of them, you can quickly find the most adequate solution in any situation, calculate everything by two moves ahead and prefer to be mathematically prepared. Strategist is your second name. When dealing with other people, you can always listen to them, help them and become their advocate before other persons. You’re some sort of a fighter for justice for whom moral principles are above everything else.

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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