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Four reasons to quit your job and start traveling


Life is too short to live without enjoying it. What would you choose: career or travel?

We have gathered four reasons for you that motivate traveling. Has it ever occurred to you that exploring the world is much more interesting than spending every day at the office?

Reason 1: time is the most valuable resource

Time is the greatest value in life.

In fact, many say so but only a few understand the meaning of this phrase. We are so busy chasing money and momentary pleasures that we forget about how a travel budget is as valuable as our emotions, impressions and memories. And then, we grow old and begin to regret about the childhood dream of visiting Easter Island that never came true.

Moral: money can’t buy time and youth. Not only that – they fly by so fast that before you know, the midlife crisis will be knocking on your door. At a respectable age, you can’t turn the clock back to return to the past and move yourself from the office to a sunny beach or breathtaking mountainous location.

Reason 2: looking deep into yourself

Traveling helps you learn more about yourself.

Think you know everything about yourself? That’s not exactly so. Many things are relative, and to have something to compare with, you have to start traveling. You would think that all you can dream about is a respectable restaurant with an expensive menu until you get the chance to visit night markets in some faraway country you know very little about: fresh fruits, strong aromas, new sounds. All that is so exciting and captivating! How can you give up all those bright impressions in favor of a work chair that ruins your back, computer monitor that ruins your vision and hard work that ruins your nerves?

Moral: traveling means new impressions and new experience worth quitting an office job.

Reason 3: comfort zone

Traveling makes you leave your comfort zone.

When you travel, push your luck, take risks, watch the comfort zone bubble bursting. When you travel, you will meet people with different views at life who may indirectly influence you. The more you travel, the more you’ll realize that you have only one life and you live it for a reason. The past does not irk you, the future does not worry you – all you have is the present.

Moral: adventure and experience are much more important than money and security.

Reason 4: expectations

You never know what lies ahead.

This effect of the unexpected resembles a sudden surprise. Imagine being given a beautiful box, but you don’t know what’s inside it. Travelers who don’t know what tomorrow will bring them experience the same feeling of excitement. For many, traveling is an attempt to start life anew. This emotion may be compared only to moving to another house in one’s childhood: you go to another school, make new friends and your past goes into oblivion. When traveling, you can be what you always wanted to be and do what you want, and nobody can tell you can’t do it.

Moral: when traveling, people make new acquaintances, start new life and try themselves as someone they always wanted to be.

Julia Savenkova
Julia Savenkova


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