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They say in the world of fashion that the sweater dress was invented by a woman who enjoyed trying on her man’s sweaters. We can understand her point, but wearing stretched-out and shapeless sweaters a couple of sizes larger is definitely not our style. Let’s get rid of the 1990s grunge, for today is just the right time to be sexy! And for that, Lattori has the trendiest sweater dresses!


  1. Dress and sneakers

We all are huge fans of sport chic. But in this case, we are against shapeless sweaters. Why wear something that doesn’t underline your curves? Choose a sweater dress in which you’ll look attractive. Believe us, there are plenty of them out there! For example, this Lattori dress with yellow stripes will not just beautifully underline your body shape and look good with sneakers but become your helper in fall, when weather will slow down on warmth.


  1. Turn up the sleeves!

Sweater dresses for the fall of 2015 are especially useful when we’re talking about long-sleeved dresses. One upon a time, Kendal Jenner proved that the sweater dress is good, and this publication in Vogue has inspired us to a thought that a woman can only feel comfortable, warm and fashionable in a sweater dress, simply a knockout! And to make the long story short, just take a look at this Little Black sweater dress. It’s so soft that your man would want to hug you more and more!


  1. Plus the boots

If you plan to spend the fall where the temperature is slightly below or slightly above zero, why don’t you get yourself a sweater dress to wear it with boots? This way, you won’t just look stylish – in this dress, you’ll feel comfortable and, most importantly, warm. Remember that we women have to take care of ourselves especially during cold season!


  1. Spacious collar

Another reason for wearing a sweater dress in the fall of 2015 is spacious collar. If you don’t like oversize clothes which do not underline your body shape, you should consider a sweater dress with spacious collar. It sort of fits the oversize trend, underlines your waist, and is ideal to wear with court shoes.


  1. On one shoulder

Another reason to wear a sweater dress in the fall of 2015, is that it will underscore your feminineness and sexiness in any event. You can coquettishly lower your dress on one shoulder, and voila! You will feel like a true seductress.


Let’s sum everything up: sexiness, feminineness and underlined body shape – these are the three key skills we develop in ourselves when talking about Lattori dresses. Why? Because a woman feels herself a woman only when wearing a dress and large selection of dresses helps her choose the image she’s going to wear today.

Sometimes, the rhythm of life and our environment demand from us to be ideal… That’s why we know how important it is for you to choose the right makeup for an important event. To make this task simpler, we put together four celeb ladies with totally different makeup. Choose what you like the most and go ahead with it!


  1. Doutzen Kroes

Expressive face, wide eyebrows, plush lips – if nature has bestowed the same attractive features upon you, follow the example of Doutzen Kroes. Her makeup always places the key emphasis on the nude style. In daily life and at high-society hangouts, you’ll always find her wearing natural makeup.

Here’s how you should enhance your beauty: lips with light-pink lipstick, eyes with dark-brown pencil, eyelashes with mascara that produces additional volume effect.


  1. Bianca Balti

If your look resembles that of the Italian top model Bianca Balti, choose contrasting makeups for daytime and evening. Go for nude in daytime, and place emphasis on your eyes in the evening, accentuating your special look.

Bianca also uses a little secret: to make her face appear younger, she applies rouge of peach or bronze tone to add freshness to face.


  1. Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta is a true Frenchwoman. If you want to follow her footsteps and develop a similar image, do not part with red matte lipstick. Besides red, you can also use other rich shades: vinous or red-brown.

A secret of extending the red lipstick’s life: powder your lips first, then apply a layer of lipstick and fix it with lip balm on top.


  1. Eva Longoria

If you are a brunette with hazel eyes, take a closer look at Eva Longoria’s impeccable makeup. The actress enhances her expressive eyes with smoky eye makeup: black pencil, nacre eyeshades, long and voluminous eyelashes. Eva applies mascara 2-3 times to make sure that her eyelashes look like false ones.

If you place emphasis on your eyes, use beige lipstick with nacre luster or creamy texture for your lips – for Eva Longoria, this life hack works just perfect.


No matter what makeup you choose, we are sure that you have your own secrets of beauty which made your romantic evening ‘special’ more than once. Just don’t forget about the most important thing: your own experience may suggest much more than all those cover girls.

Surely, nobody abolished the short black dress. But it is the short white dress that looks much better on the tanned skin. Slim fit, straight cut, New Look style – no matter what your white dress is, it will definitely make you stand out from the ‘total black’ crowd.

We decided to test this theory of differentiation on Victoria’s Secret Angels who enjoy wearing the little white dress on any occasion, thus turning the little white dress into a trend.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie aptly combines the New Look dress with white court shoes, and at the same time, does not get fixated on accessories. Since the whole emphasis was placed on an innocent angelic image, no accessories were needed anyway. Let’s take a note of it!


A New Look dress from Lattori

We suggest you take the cue from Rosie and supplement your wardrobe with a New Look white dress from Lattori. It does not just ideally underlines your body shape but will always be an indicator of your style. For the combination of an ideal color plus (+) eternally fashionable style equals to (=) favorite dress.



Alessandra Ambrósio

One would think that this Brazilian supermodel with chocolate hair and eyes of the same color should have considered red lipstick and the same-color dress or if not red, then definitely black. But Alessandra shows ‘tour de force’ of style which Victoria’s Secret Angels follow: white is your true friend. What we learn from Alessandra is this: it would’ve been cool to ‘dilute’ the little white dress with additional colors, and the color of champagne and one of the 50 shades of grey should definitely be among them.


Bizet with champagne from Lattori

Having combined that very, presently-so-popular white color with one of the 50 shades of grey and added a bit of champagne shade, we’ve got a tender dress that perfectly fits the cocktail dress code and will become your best friend at a restaurant dinner. Learn more about it here and recall what love at first sight is.


Lily Aldridge

Looking at Lily Aldridge, you see just another proof of how terrific the white dress looks on tanned skin. What drives us in Lily’s image most is that her short white dress has sleeves and neck, and therefore, her sexiness is accentuated not by décolleté but by the dress’s length. This solution seems ideal, for sometimes it’s nice to hide oneself behind cute dress sleeves.


Short white sleeve dress from Lattori

We took an ideal color, threw in a sleek style which kind of fits like a mini skirt but at the same time underlines the overall ‘hourglass’ body shape, and got a short white sleeve dress we’re so crazy about. You can also fall in love with it after seeing all the tiniest details here.


A few words about the trend: white has long ceased to be a wedding dress color only. Our main requirement to the white dress is to be laconic. Single tone allows it to play with the dress’s silhouette, and in turn, silhouette helps hide flaws and emphasize your best features. What else do you need to be a happy woman?

Healthy lifestyle is no longer just a trend but an indispensable part of a successful woman’s life. We must take care of ourselves and our body, and freshly-squeezed juices will help us in that!

Before doing physical exercises.

The best way of coming to a gym full of energy is to make a juice using the recipe below. It will help you do physical exercise 16% longer.

What you need:

- ½ banana

- 1 beet

- 2 apples

Mix them all in a blender and you’ll get a nice smoothie. Put every ingredient in a juicer to make a freshly-squeezed juice.


When cold is just around the corner.

Do you know what substance helps get rid of cold the fastest? It’s beta-carotene. It helps you body produce leukocytes which, in turn, protect the body against diseases.

What you need:

- 1 carrot

- 1 orange

- 2 apricots

This juice will not just look the most cheerful thanks to its color but will be your helper in keeping diseases away.


Curing hangover.


When you have hangover, the most important thing is to remove toxins from your body (especially liver) as soon as possible. One of the instruments of helping you achieve this goal and feel great again is wheat sprout.

What you need:

-2 green apples

-2 limes

-1 tray of wheat sprouts

We’d like to warn you, though, that wheat has quite specific taste. It can be best masked with a sweet juice which you can make from a combination of apples and limes.

A morning boost of vigor

We recommend you to start your morning with a green smoothie. Firstly, green color is always being associated with energy and freshness. And secondly, the ingredients of this cocktail will help you wake up even after the most sleepless night.

What you need:

- spinach leaves

- 1 pear

- ¼ avocado

If you’ll drink this smoothie in the afternoon, get ready for the second wind. With your vigor boosted, you’ll conquer another important summit.


Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is an important element of superhero’s life. Special ingredients will help your body produce melatonin and serotonin which are soporific hormones.

What you need:

- 1 banana

- 2 tablespoons of oat flakes

- 100 ml of almond milk


After a hearty dinner

To get rid of unpleasant feelings after a hearty and tasty dinner, make a smoothie by mixing yoghurt and exotic fruits in a blender.

What you need:

- ½ mango

- ½ pineapple

- 2 cups of yogurt without additives

Yogurt helps remove undesired bacteria from your body, and mango and pineapple accelerate digestion process.

As you probably have noted already, putting your body back into shape is not just a grateful but very pleasant thing to do. Just don’t forget that besides healthy feeling, you have to select the necessary image. To be able to conquer new summits every day, we have a couple of special dresses in smart elegant style ( Did you find yours already?

Straw hat

August 24, 2015

Have you made a note of the most fashionable accessory of this summer season, the straw hat? There are at least three reasons why you should wear it this summer:

  1. It protects you against sunstroke;
  2. You can wear it on the beach and in the city, complementing your favorite dress with a straw hat;
  3. Straw boaters which Coco Chanel herself loved to wear in her days are now at the peak of their popularity!

Summer fashion often rejects oversize which came to us together with street style photographs. You can’t wear trendy sneakers in the summer, because the sun won’t let you. However, there is a couple of details you simply can’t do without this summer! Does your wardrobe have them?


  1. Dress with revealing neckline

Fashion likes playing explicitness with us. While back in the spring we were talking about semitransparent pastel dresses, now you’d be better off donning a one-color look. Place an emphasis on short length and sexy neckline. Let the dress’s texture not attract attention as much as its cut does. After all, sexiness means exquisite and at the same time simple! As one, two, three.


  1. Color print

We love summer season for the abundance of blossoming plants. First peonies, then huge hydrangeas. And of course, you’d want to save this tender image of flowers in yourself. The surest way to do it is to wear a dress with color print. It would look so in place and so summer-like that the floristic print deserves a proper place among our five ‘must-haves’ of this summer.


  1. New Look style

We love New Look for the way it accentuates the shape of the woman’s body, turning it into the perfect shape of the hourglass. New Look may be achieved by any colors and textures, because the most important element in it is the style. So, let’s focus on the length not below the knees, for it’s summer out there!


  1. Studded shoes

An excellent choice for fast, rhythmic life. These shoes would go equally well with a long dress and a mini. You can also wear them easily with jeans! The only thing you should remember, though, that jeans is the enemy of feminineness. Stick to dresses – they make any woman a queen. And these, slightly aggressive shoes will nicely complement your look.


  1. Bright manicure

Let it be a vivid complement to your shoes but contrast with your ideal dress and mini-clutch. Don’t be afraid to look mottled this summer! Try yourself in different roles. And don’t forget that bright manicure have long ceased to be a taboo and is now a rule for all popular street-style images.


Modern life and emancipation. Women play leading roles in development of different industries, hold key positions and think over the question, if it is possible to combine work and private life. We are sure that it is not so difficult to maintain the balance, the main thing is to work systematically and to refine yourself!


Rule #1. About time management

Time management. It helps us to regulate exact time invested by us to family and private life, and also to work moments. We suggest that you sit down at breakfast and spell out in your dayplanner, how much time you are planning to spend for work, and how much time you will leave for your private life.

You know that it is impossible to work constantly such as to have a rest and joy all time. When you will master this method, advise it your friends! Almost everybody faces the problems of time planning.


Rule #2. About deadlines

Deadline. When in business world you have to meet a project or task schedule, you can take it on board. We do all in the last moment very often. However, if you manage to carry out the task in advance, you will have opportunity to spend the rest of timing with your family or significant other.

Remember that deadlines are created for you to regulate amount of time necessary for you to solve one or another task. Use the “earlier did – earlier free” rule in order not to expend energy to odd doubts and to learn doing all at once.


Rule #3. About horse in collective farm

Motivation. Many of us suffer from lack of motivation that will make us not to devote all their forces to work, but also to find a little bit time for beloved you. Think about the fact that nothing is eternal and remember the phrase: “The horse ploughed most of all in the collective farm, but it did not become the chairman of the collective farm”.

Diligence in performance of work is good, but if it is not appreciated by anybody, maybe it is better to direct this diligence to you? It is better to devote time to you and your private life. Nobody will do for you so much as you yourself.


Rule #4. To seem and not to be

Continuing the previous story, we want to say that they like diligent girls very much. However, you can look like accommodating and clever girl and to think about something absolutely another at the same time, can’t you? For example, how rousingly you will spend this evening.

Pretence is not bad. Manipulate the wider public’s opinion about you. Let them consider you the most valuable and responsible employee, don’t give them causes to doubt, but at the same time think, how and where you will arrange your private life today.


Rule #5. Leave the dirt beyond the step

It is very important to be able to skip. In the office you don’t speak about your private life (because in women collective there are so many gossipers), and in relationships with men try not to speak about your work. In fact it is possible to distinguish work and private life, if you will accustom yourself to it constantly and to keep in mind that work keeps busy everybody: you and your man.  

Private life was created in order to skip from workplace, where we spend the biggest part of our life. Of course, this rule works only if you are not business partners and you have enough moderation to stay good colleagues and passionate lovers, which is really the hellish toil and ideal compatibility.

Summer is the season of uncomplicated sets and natural beauty. The trends in hairstyles followed by the models, who bring us new trends from the world podium, are of interest for us. Here is what we have found:  these 7 models chosen by us are connected by love to wavy hair. However, each of them prefers to wear this hair in her own way.


  1. Giselle Bundchen

It seems that Giselle almost never leaves her hair.

How this set is done: damp hair was divided into locks, twisted into binders and then they dried each twisted lock with blow dryer. In such way you will get careless vertical curls like Giselle’s ones.


  1. Doutzen Kroes

One more magnificent blonde model also betakes use of curls. However, Doutz can be seen with scraped back hair more often. This summer her stylists did not revise the customary style: they made gathers of locks on back of her head, and their ropes were riled up with brushing (each lock was twisted on thin round comb and dried with blow dryer). This technique is the most popular one in this season. It is worth knowing to own cost.


  1. Gigi Hadid

Beauty Gigi somewhat hints us: “It does not matter, that your deep roots are a tint darker than the main color of your hair. The main things are highlighting and light curls!”. In fact such curls can be achieved with the help of hair iron and mousse. As you see, hair does not look “free”, it means that rather much hair putty and hair fixing product was put on it.


  1. Kendall Jenner

Let’s come over to the brunettes! Kendall’s stylist and hairdresser was guided in this hair-do with the fact that in average days we can see the model with ideally straight hair that sometimes can be scraped back into a ponytail. And only once in a way, for instance, this summer we can admire the soft waive made with the help of curler. One can come over from natural hair-do to reliably fixed set from time to time, isn’t she?


  1. Lara Stone

In average days Lara Stone also prefers to scrape her hair back like ballet-dancers. But here on one event in hot period we see her straightened hair with volume near roots, twisted from her face on big round comb easily. As brushing provides twisting of locks from the end of the lock, taking into account the thinned out ends, such curls shall be fixed by hair spray in order to outlast. Admit that such hair-do with side part looks very sexually.


  1. Candice Swanepoel

Romantic curls are the inevitable hair-do of all angels of Victoria Secret. And in this example we see Candice’s curls fashioned with the help of the curler. Due to the fact that they are made in direction from her face, they seem open, and its right geometry is emphasized by waives on the level of the cheek-bones.


  1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of few models, about whom we can say “spick-and-span”. We will never see her in oversize clothes that stay to be popular one. Miranda follows the same rule in her hair-do: her hair always looks somewhat curly.  We like such image: side part, one of curls is always thrown off her face and big curls that seems to be a little bit blown around after roaring night.


All of us know full well that the health is invaluable. Because of this it is necessary to behave toward yourself with the special love and not just to nurse your body, but rather to temper, to accustom it to the good, to refine yourself constantly. Yes, it is not easy, but that’s worth the effort.

  1. Nutrition

Healthy lifestyle starts with the right nutrition. The first rule is to exclude any semi-finished products. The second rule is to eat more vegetables, fruit and nuts. The third rule is discipline. Try not to eat after seven o’clock p.m. within one week. When the mentioned term expires, your hair and skin will say “thank you”.

The moral is that the breakfast is the most important part of our ration. Emphasize it.


  1. Trainings

We know how difficult to start it is. Before going to the sports hall you take great pains constantly, you can’t make choice to go there or you can’t find time for this. However, exactly the trainings make your muscles strong and make you sturdier. Choose what more after your own heart is: if you are inspired by yoga, exercise it outdoors. If you like to play tennis, kick the balls about the court. However, don’t forget about the initial warm up!

The moral is that sport is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends actively. Joint tennis sets or yoga exercises give pleasure!


  1. Marathon

We emphasize marathon as the separate way of body training as the marathons arranged by the activists lately have greater goal than just to accomplish a big distance. Marathons have a deep goal of charity.

The moral is that you not just run with other people, but also help those, who need it. Here you are with sound mind and sound body.


  1. Sense of humor

Many psychologists convince us that it is necessary to laugh more. Have you ever thought, why it is so important for us? If you learn treat everything with self-irony, it will be easier for you to perceive some your own faults. You will set it to the “experience” column and will not be distressed because of the fact that you went wrong doing something.

The moral is that a smile is the first step to fortifying of your sound mind.


  1. Positive attitude

When you adjust your body, you must not ignore your spiritual health. It is important to be able to support yourself in all difficult situations and points at issue. You will require the special attitude, strong motivation, good mood for further movement according to the intended road map. Don’t reprove yourself, don’t offend your inner self. You will manage to do everything, don’t doubt!

The moral is that for creation of personal growth strategy and maximal development you will have to provide yourself with positive attitude!

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